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April 3, 2019

This was my first Sattva Summit and it was a feast for my eyes and senses! The colours, the sounds, wisdom talks, music, conscious conversation, laughter, connection… it was immense and also intimate, grounde [..]

January 14, 2019

Silence, spaciousness and interconnection to Nature No words can tell exactly my experience in Sattva (Rishikesh, India). Preparing the ceremony of EarthPainting has been above all an experience of love and sa [..]

January 14, 2019

Sattva Summit is such a unique gathering as it has a full array of offerings from Yoga classes with Master teachers to small, intimate sessions on yogic living to festive Indian music and dance in the evenings. [..]

January 14, 2019

Sattva Summit 2018 – the ground for creativeness, coming together and evolution. My experience of it started some weeks before the Summit. We were given the space and allowance for creativity to flow, fully,  [..]

January 14, 2019

Everything is yoga. Yoga is everything. Each day at the Sattva Summit, there were Satsangs, Journeys, practices, music, chanting, kirtans, discussions and more – something for everyone. We could choose from s [..]

An Ever Evolving Gathering of Consciousness!
January 14, 2019

This was my second year at Sattva Summit and it was even more evolutionary, celebratory, and full of grace than the first one! It was the perfect blend of consciousness-expanding practices and soul-warming, joy [..]

May 15, 2018

You are here, you take the step, and everything else will follow. Live with courage. We cannot keep waiting for everything to line up and everything to make sense for us to live our life. Otherwise life pass [..]

January 6, 2017

As I mindfully walk and guide of the many retreat groups who come to experience the wonderful vibrations, cultivate expansive and evolutionary relationships, and travel deep within themselves. I am struck with  [..]

January 6, 2017

The word Sattva means truth, balance, wholeness. It is at the core of who we truly are. As individuals we strive to return to that space of wholeness. We become so immersed in the “busy”ness of our lives th [..]

Inida16-sattva -0038
January 6, 2017

If you are asking yourself, why should I come to Rishikesh, India for the Sattva Summit, here is the reason. Sitting here on the banks of the sacred Ganga River, I feel her presence, her vibration, and her mess [..]

June 17, 2016

There is something deeply moving and special about coming together in conscious community to share, uplift, inspire, evolve and expand. From the moment you arrive at Sattva, you immediately drop into the sacred [..]

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