something deeply moving

There is something deeply moving and special about coming together in conscious community to share, uplift, inspire, evolve and expand. From the moment you arrive at Sattva, you immediately drop into the sacredland and natures intelligence. It is wonderful to have this space where we can unplug from the demands of life and plug into the Divine wisdom.I always think of coming to Sattva as a fine tuning for the Soul. The Sattva Summit will be just that. A gathering of Souls from all around the World, coming together to rejoice in the celebration of life. As I continue to return home, again and again, year after year to Sattva, I am deeply humbled by the growth and transcendence that naturally arises. Such an amazing gift and blessing to have this space to return to where my Being blossoms and my Soul soars. I invite you to join us for this unique gathering where you can meet your authentic Self and drop into your dynamic stillness. Om Namaha Shivaya.

~ Prema ॐ ॐ ॐ