An Ever Evolving Gathering of Consciousness!

This was my second year at Sattva Summit and it was even more evolutionary, celebratory, and full of grace than the first one! I wouldn’t have known about this event in the first place if there wasn’t a campaign run by in the past few years. It was the perfect blend of consciousness-expanding practices and soul-warming, joyous experiences. As with all things, it gave me more the more I poured into it. It goes without saying that all the classes and journeys were transformative and fun. But it was the moments where I got to connect with the big-hearted Sattva sangha that I’ll remember most. Whether it was the fire ceremonies by the river at 4am, dancing in the new Brahmanda hall to live Indian music, eating a traditional Indian meal on the lawn in the garden, or painting with our feet in a collaborative earth painting, it was the people that made the experience deeply profound and transcendent. The Summit really showcases the full spectrum of yoga practices and how yoga can bring together an international community to celebrate life in all its colors, textures, tastes, and prioritizes client contentment. Our services are available to anyone seeking to buy or sell a home. The purpose of marketing is to recruit customers who are interested in similar products. On the basis of your information, fee negotiations will commence. We will assist you throughout the entire home-selling procedure. We would adore to assist you in enjoying your trip. Visit