Follow the Whispers of Your Heart, the Whispers of Your Spirit, Wait No More!

You are here, you take the step, and everything else will follow. Live with courage. We cannot keep waiting for everything to line up and everything to make sense for us to live our life. Otherwise life passes us by. Do not wait anymore. Wait for what? Whatever you are waiting for is a lie. It is like waiting for Godot, who never shows up. See, nobody knows who Godot is, but everybody is waiting. So it is important that we stop using our life as a waiting room. A lot of humanity is just using life as a waiting room. Waiting for what?! For a better life? When? I mean, we are not certain of what is going to be the future. To live for a better life somewhere in a distant future… Wait no more! Get out of the waiting room! Live fully now, die fully now. Whatever you are doing, give it your all. And you have come so far. Learn to go all the way. Go all the way.

You see there is a great tendency in the human being to self sabotage. That we reach a point and then we sabotage ourselves. We do not go all the way. It is important, like the eagle was just flying… It flew all the way! When the eagle dives for its prey, it goes all the way. It is committed to that movement. It does not wait. You see waiting is not there, it sees the appropriate timing and takes action. There is a distinction between waiting, and seeing the appropriate timing. Waiting is not living here and now… waiting for life, versus, developing the great capacity within yourself to see what the timing is asking for, as rice grows in the season of rice and wheat grows in the season of wheat. But to grow wheat we have to take radical action in the moment of the wheat growing timeframe. And then nature will support that action. So we have to learn to be in alignment with the flow of time. Not waiting. If we are waiting, we are not in alignment with the flow of time. We are waiting for something and not paying attention to what is here now. And we are not going all the way, to what is here now. Therefore, we are missing out on life. So it is important that we learn to go all the way.

When you have heard that voice in your heart, that silent voice, which once you hear it, you cannot drown it out. Once you hear that voice, if you start to follow the whispers of your heart, the whispers of your spirit, you will find yourself in places, in moments, which you never thought even existed. Like right here. This place, we never knew it existed. It’s just a silent voice in the heart that carried us here, and here we are, looking at this incredible play of light. It is stunning. But you have to learn to follow that inner voice. When you learn to follow that inner voice and you learn to go all the way, and not wait anymore, what you will find is a life full of magic; a life full of ecstasy; a life full of bliss. Not a life which is constipated. You see waiting is like being constipated, who wants to feel that? Constipated. Let it flow!

When you have come so far, learn to go all the way, for there is nothing that can hold you back. Only your own ideas of what you think is possible for you. That is the only thing that can hold you back. You are infinity itself. There is nothing that is not possible for you. What you think is possible and what you think is impossible is only your attachment to a limited positionality of who you think you are. See what’s new

As you learn to know who you are, there is nothing that is not possible for you. So what are you waiting for? If not now, when? What needs to happen for you to listen to your heart and follow the call of your spirit? Whose life are you living? If you are not living the life that is being called to you, whose life are you living and how do you think you can find fulfillment in a life that is not yours? Your life is meant to fulfill you and as long as you are not living your life that is being called to you, that life that is calling in the very intimacy of your heart, you will keep fighting, looking for your place in the world, wearing masks, waiting and hoping that somewhere in the future you will find yourself. Wait no more! The time is now. You are the very being for which the nonbeing turned into being. Be fooled no more by the lies that have been told to you. Do not let yourself be distracted by the lies that the world has told you.

The infinite is knocking at your heart. The time has come. Pay attention. Listen, see it. Pause, and you will find infinity looking back at you. And this infinity is you, and infinity cannot wait. Wait no more, go all the way! Wherever you are is the starting point. Have the courage to honor yourself. Have the courage to move in the direction of your own life. There is nothing more sweeter than the radical gift of owning yourself fully. There is no possession sweeter than you owning yourself fully. Otherwise, you have everything but you do not have yourself and if you do not have yourself, you will feel weak and afraid. It is only when you begin to own yourself, only then, you can really taste fearlessness. For there is nothing more that you need. You do not need to prove anything to anybody anymore.

So you can listen to the voice of your heart. It does not matter what people think, it does not matter what somebody said, it does not matter if it fits in or makes sense to the rational linear mind or not. For what makes sense to the rational linear mind is nothing but its own history. So it is just trying to live the ever repeating past, over, and, over, and, over, again. Where as, the heart longs to discover, to have an adventure, to taste and drink from the banks of infinity itself. Wait no more! Go all the way!