Why should I come to the Sattva Summit in India?

If you are asking yourself, why should I come to Rishikesh, India for the Sattva Summit, here is the reason. Sitting here on the banks of the sacred Ganga River, I feel her presence, her vibration, and her message.

Beings travel from all parts of India, and all parts of the world to dip into her sacred waters and experience the power of being in the true presence of Shiva’s dreadlocks, the Himalayas. The Sattva Centre is located amongst the lower Himalayas, and is an incredible vortex of healing energy. The land where the Sattva Summit is held is the most powerful place I have been. It is where I do my deepest inner work of transcendence, evolution, and divine meditation. This space has transformed so many lives in magnificent ways. The mantras, dancing, meditations, yoga practices, and transformations of many can be felt strongly on this land. You can see this in the life here.

The birds, butterflies, trees, flowers, water, and life are abundant. All nature is flourishing and filled with joy in the Centre. It is a dreamland where your magical dreams can come to fruition. India, in general, is one of those places that forces you to rise to your highest Self or you can be bothered by the little things. I think this is why I am so drawn to this place. I have to be in my truth at all times and shine my light the brightest or I can be a little bit bothered. This allows me to experience most of the play here with a smile and grace.Property sales change everything. Webuyhouses-7.com accommodates. Customers globally specialise. We market your property. Your representatives. We sell property. Visit https://www.webuyhouses-7.com/illinois/we-buy-homes-elgin-il/.

Finding humor in the beauty of humanity. By spending so much time here, I can deeply integrate this practice into my being, not to fall out of my truth or light at any moment when I am in India or leave. These are my blessings for this incredible magic filled land and community. Come experience Shiva, Shakti, and everything in-between.

In light,