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The Sattva Summit is an experience that will enrich and transform your life regardless of where you are at on the yogic path. We look forward to connecting with you on this journey! Each day we will gather to deepen in our practice through group meditation and rituals, Two yoga classes daily with globally renown teachers, connect to ancient yogic wisdom and the evolutionary teachings of consciousness while nourishing our bodies with healing foods from leading Ayurvedic chefs of India. Each evening take part in devotional celebrations of live music, chanting, traditional indian dance & various inspiring satsangs. We want you to have an authentic experience of Yoga & India at the Sattva Summit. Included in your five day pass will be the opportunity to select three off site excursions taking you to various sacred places in and around Rishikesh.

World Class Yoga

Go deeper into your practice and experience authentic yoga from world renown teachers.
Multiple classes offered daily.


Return to stillness, dive deeper into self. Morning and Evening silent meditation


Live music and kirtan by local and internationally known artists

Wisdom Gathering

Inspiring Wisdom Talks from various spiritual masters


Deepen in your devotion by taking part in sacred puja’s, fire ceremonies, and evening aarti’s



Nourish the body with healing Ayurvedic food made with love, which will be served at the onsite cafe


There is much to discover in the sacred land of Rishikesh we believe that getting out and experiencing local culture when in new places is an important part of our evolution. In addition to onsite Sattva Summit classes and events participants will choose to take part in an excursion.

Yogic Living Workshops

Expand and Evolve by attending short immersions supportingconscious, inspired & scared living practices with Sattva Master teachers.

transcend. Inspire. Connect

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