A celebration of aliveness

This was my first Sattva Summit and it was a feast for my eyes and senses! The colours, the sounds, wisdom talks, music, conscious conversation, laughter, connection… it was immense and also intimate, grounded and also transcendent, dynamic and also still. It was in essence, the very nature of Sattva Yoga itself. And yet, with all the stimulation and nourishment for the physical senses, it was my internal experience where I really got fed. My soul was filled with powerful knowledge and guidance from Master Anand, deeply transformative morning journeys with him and guest teachers, and, I had the opportunity to be of service to the community of beautiful souls attending. All in all, it felt as if every physical and energetic cell of my being was transforming each day.

I’ve long meditated on the temporariness of human existence (I’m THAT person – the one considered morbid by friends and family as I used to extol to them that they may as well live life to the full as we’re dying every day anyway!) But there was a particular moment in one of the morning journeys with Master Anand, he was talking about confronting our own death as a way to really free ourselves… and I suddenly got it. I saw it in a way in which I never had before, it was like it really sunk in at a different level of consciousness… And I cried… Not because I was in any way distressed at a fact I have long accepted. No. These were tears of Grace, with a feeling of such surrender and lightness that it overwhelmed me. And a stillness, a peace arose in me and I could see it so clearly – when one fully accepts death, one becomes deathless. When we accept that the body dies, Buff we open fully to the truth that we are actually, and in fact, soul, eternal, infinite – not as a theoretical piece of information that we can quote or recite to show how ‘spiritual’ we are, but as a visceral experience, a deeper inner knowing. That moment, that realisation had such a profound impact on me… and still continues to every day.

I’ve been at Sattva for many months and have seen and felt the different movements of energy that ebb and flow around students coming for teacher training, retreat groups, and other activities. But the energy around Summit was completely unique. There was something really special about Sattva family from all over the world coming back home for this event. It’s a time where newbie Sattva teachers can mingle with teachers who graduated either many years ago or more recently – when doesn’t actually matter as there’s no sense of division, there was such a warmth and generosity and openness of spirit. Previous to the Summit I had said on a few occasions, in conversation with fellow sangha and with new students, “once your Sattva, you are always Sattva” and I really saw that at the Summit. When all the sangha came together at the event, we were just one family – continuing to expand and grow together. Like Sattva itself! Visit mofos.com xxnxxx. The Summit saw the inauguration of the newly built Brahmanda Hall, which provided the space for so much laughter and joy, tears and transformation, song and dance. One of my favorite moments was on the cultural evening where we had wonderful performances from the children at Khushi Foundation, plus a show featuring Lord Krishna himself and many spinning plates (not all of which managed to stay in the air, much to the supportive laughter of the audience!) At one point I turned around and saw that at the back of the hall, all the Sattva staff had come in to watch…ALL! Housekeeping, Reception, Kitchen, Maintenance… and it filled my heart to see it, as it is the Sattva way…we’re all family. Know more on, vendasonlinebh.com.br

For me I experienced so many moments at Sattva Summit of such deep clarity and gratitude, that it planted seeds which are continuing to be nourished by wisdom from Master Anand, knowledge from the sacred texts and, most importantly, putting into practice the teachings and techniques… Aside from that, my overriding memory of the Summit was that it rocked! It was so much fun!! There were so many activities to get involved in, so many people to connect with and so much vibrancy in the air that the whole event was like a celebration of being alive… And ultimately, isn’t that why we’re here? Liberation and celebration!