Sattva Summit

As I mindfully walk and guide of the many retreat groups who come to experience the wonderful vibrations, cultivate expansive and evolutionary relationships, and travel deep within themselves. I am struck with a great sense of awe and filled with an immense feeling of abundance as we travel in silent reflection through one of the many trails that lead up the many foothills of the Himalayas which surround the stunningly beautiful grounds of the
Sattva Retreat Centre, that tower over any mountain range that I’ve ever seen back home that are the Great Appalachians. I express to the group and invite them to always be mindful of how beautiful this and each present moment was and what things in their individual paths lead them to that very moment. I very sincerely remind them that “Being” not only in the foothills of the mighty and sacred Himalayas is a gift in itself, and that the overall gift was just simply “Being”, and in that beautiful moment I instantly download from my consciousness and present state of awareness the extreme gratitude for the amount of growth and evolution that has been passed on to me and so masterfully taught to myself and all who have sought out some of the best yoga teacher training in the world, have and will find it here on the grounds of the Sattva Retreat Centre taught by my Master Teacher AnandMehrotra.