Cathy Connors

Cathy loves yoga and has dedicated her life to sharing this powerful practice with others.  She started her career as a psychologist and began her spiritual journey in her early 20’s.  But it wasn’t until 2009 that she started teaching yoga and the practice “took over her life”.  In 2014 she traveled to India for the first time and met Master teacher Anand Mehtrora – the moment she locked eyes with him, tears fell and she knew her life was forever changed.

Since that first trip she has learned to let go, surrender, trust, love, soften, play and open to all this beautiful life has to offer.

Cathy is a dedicated practitioner and that is where her teaching begins. She loves combining the freedom of a vinyasa practice with the power and grace of the Sattva Journeys. When she teaches she never quite knows what will arise, but she trusts in the beauty of the moment knowing it will be authentic, raw, connected, and full of grace.

She is so excited and honored to be a part of the Sattva Summit and is looking forward to sharing and connecting with all of you.



Rachel Hunter

International Supermodel Rachel is the host of “Rachel Hunters Tour of Beauty”which is now in its Second Season on a global odyssey, meeting remarkable people from around the world.

She ventured into 23 different countries including China, India, Dubai, Fiji, and Greece, Peru, Brazil, Argentina , USA, Jamaica , Australia, France Morocco where she immersed herself into the various cultures, learning ,experiencing superfoods,wellbeing ,gurus as well as cutting edge and ancient ways to inform, understand and embrace beauty, wellness and longevity.
The series, “Rachel’s Tour of Beauty”, has been sold to over 100 countries.

Her love for Spiritually started young from her mother.

Seeking many different & diverse spiritual practices her whole life. As did her mother. Her practice of yoga started 14 years ago.
May 2017 her Mother past, which activated her seeking immensely again in honor of her mother. Where it lead her to India on another seeking pilgrimage November 2017 where she landed in Rishkesh in the foothills of the Himalayan mountains studying with Anand Mehrotra at Sattva Yoga . Steeped in Vedic & Tantric knowledge. Within six months finishing her 500hrs. Forever on the path and continuing the love of the knowledge.
Returning to her homeland New Zealand for a few months in February & March 2018 sharing her journey of India. Called “Beauty of Soul” doing talks in 15 cities reaching over 2500 people. Her work continues with Retreats & Workshops. On the Path of yoga.

Raised in Auckland, New Zealand, Rachel was discovered at the age of seventeen and embarked on a successful career as an international model with Ford Models NYC. Rachel graced the covers of many magazines including Italian Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, and the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and appeared in many global advertising campaigns for various international brands including Covergirl and Revlon. Rachel transitioned from modeling to acting and presenting, appearing in many films and on various unscripted television shows. Most recently, Rachel starred in a television movie “Her Infidelity” for the Lifetime Network and hosted two very successful seasons of “New Zealand’s Got Talent”.

She resides in Los Angeles. Devoted Mother to her children Renee & Liam .



Angie Hall

Angie fell in love with the practice of yoga almost 20 years ago. She is tremendously passionate about sharing her deep love of yoga, and she brings the ancient teachings to life in a fierce, modern way. There’s a sweet respect and reverence she delivers in her teachings, that is bound to peel your heart open and take you on a playful journey of joy.

For years, her practice and teaching background were in Vinyasa, and 2 years ago she became an E-RYT 500 Sattva Yoga Instructor, and most recently completed the Sattva Master Training with her beloved teacher, Anand Mehortra in Rishikesh India. Her classes are very powerful, where she blends together movement, pranayama, kriyas, and mantra in a beautiful dance of love and devotion.

Angie worked in the corporate world for 16 years, and she just recently decided to follow her heart and devote her time to her love of yoga and the teachings. When she’s not in India, you can find her teaching locally in her home town of Phoenix Arizona, as well as guiding international yoga retreats and teacher trainings all over the world.



Annemarie Brown

Annemarie is a 500 Hour certified teacher of Sattva Yoga, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. Her passion behind teaching comes from the realization that her destiny is to serve others, and support them on their journey of awakening and evolution, elevating them to live more consciously and abundantly.

Annemarie has studied Sattva, Hatha, Vinyasa and Bhakti Yoga in Bali. Los Angeles and India. When she met Anand Mehrotra, Vedic Master and Founder of Sattva Yoga in 2013 she knew it was the practice that she wanted to share with others because of the deep transformation she experienced personally. Soon after completing Sattva Yoga Academy’s 200Hr teacher training in 2014, Annemarie began teaching and living in Rishikesh, India sharing the teachings of Sattva Yoga with students from all over the globe at The Sattva Retreat in the Himalayans, as well as deepening in her studies of yoga, tantra, meditation, sacred ritual and ayurveda.She also enjoys returning to her US home in Santa Monica, CA to teach, facilitate Inspired Living and Sacred Feminine workshops.

In addition to teaching, Annemarie is the cofounder of The Sattva Collection, a conscious lifetyle jewelry company, whose intention is to awaken and empower women to live an inspired life. Providing jobs for local artisans, All pieces of the collection are handmade in Rishikiesh, India, with a percentage of sales going to various non-profit organizations that provide vocational training for women and children in India. Annemarie also enjoys creating opportunities for sangha to come together and evolve and is the Director of the Sattva Summit.

Annemarie loves living life fully, in the flow, and experiencig the magic of each moment. She brings this energy into her classes. Her greatest joy lies in sharing the teachings of yoga with sincere students who are seeking transformation and liberation! Jai Ma



Betty Travieso

Betty Travieso is a 500 hrs. SATTVA YOGA teacher. She discovered yoga 11 years ago when a clear voice coming from deep inside said: “try YOGA”. She had no idea what yoga was about, but once she started, her approach to life shifted completely. After a big awakening in the first year through an integral practise of yoga, she had unsuccessfully been trying to find a teacher and/or a yoga style that could bring her into the whole potential of yoga. One single Sattva Yoga Journey with Master Teacher Anand Mehrotra in 2017 finally gave her the experience and certainty of finding that what she had been looking for.

Apart from SATTVA YOGA she has been trained in Hatha Yoga (600 hrs. – Iyengar), Yin Yoga and Therapeutic Yoga. Despite her previous certifications she never felt the call to teach; however after finishing her first SATTVA YOGA TT in May 2017 a deep call to share and expand this transformational practise and teachings became very strong. Since then she combines her job in her family business in the Canary Islands where she is from, with leading Sattva Yoga Journeys, workshops and retreats in Spain.

She keeps travelling to Rishikesh every year to continue studying at Sattva Yoga Academy with her Master Anand Mehrotra. There she has also completed Sattva Master Modules for “Advanced Sattva Meditation” and “Iniciation to Dasha Mahavidyas, the 10 goddesses of Tantra”.

She lives in Dharma, flowing with every moment with a deep sense of joy and gratitude, radiating the light of yoga wherever she is and sharing its wisdom wherever is needed. Her loving kindness and never ending smile combined with her devotion to the Sattva teachings and the call to serve for the individual and collective awakening are clearly manifested into her vibrant clases filled with love and passion, always encouraging students to commit fully and to go all the way.

She is fully devoted and committed to the Yogic path under the guidance of her inner guru and her Master Anandji, being also inspired by other conscious beings that she is meeting along the Path.



Aizhan Kozhirova

Having met Anand in 2011 Aizhan fully dived into studying wisdom of the Sattva yoga. Ever since she had numerous trainings with Anand in India: 500H Sattva teacher trainings, Sattva yoga Master training, Warrior of Wisdom, Diwali retreat, New Year retreat, Norway retreat, was a part of motorbike tours in 2012, 2014 and 2018, Sattva summits. She regularly comes into India to study with the Master to deepen her practice and to share her experience with the Sangha. All these years of studying yoga philosophy and wisdom helped Aizhan awaken her creative side along with mastering her teaching practice. Creating mandalas and learning sacred geometry has become her passion for last 2 years, Aizhan is happy to share her devotion to enter a magic of bright creativity and a deep connection to the Source.

Sattva Yoga has become an integral part of her life, and her sincerity, creativity, simplicity and mild nature made her a vital member of the Sattva community.

Henry Yampolsky

Trained as a lawyer, Henry Yampolsky is a peacemaker and a pioneer in the field of conscious conflict resolution. He is the co-founder of Living Peace Institute (, which offers simple, yet powerful tools to individuals and organizations for making a paradigm shift from reacting to life’s challenges with fear and aggression, to being able to respond to them with clarity and awareness. Henry is also the co-creator of Dis-Solving Conflict from Within, a four-step tool for shifting our focus from external circumstances to our direct, present-moment experience of conflict. This shift allows the start of the process of dis-solving conflict at its source – within each and every one of us. An International Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Instructor (E-RYT 200), Henry studied Sattva Yoga with Sattva Yoga’s founder, Anand Mehrotra, in Rishikesh, India. Henry uses the deep wisdom of Sattva Yoga in his conflict resolution practice. Henry is a sought-after speaker, facilitator and workshop leader and has presented programs on Mindfulness, Non-Violent Communications, Restorative Justice, Mediation and Client Empowerment in the practices of Mediation and Collaborative Law. Through his affiliation with the New York Peace Institute, Henry serves as a Community Mediator, Restorative Justice Facilitator and Conflict Coach. Henry is also one of the coaches for the Peace Institute’s Basic Meditation Training (BMT) and a mentor in the Institute’s apprenticeship program. Henry has taught mediation and conflict de-escalation skills to the members of the New York Police Department, senior UN diplomats and legal practice groups around the world.



Ela Mare

Ela Mare is a warrior mermaid, and a travelling yogini, she grew up by, above and in the sea.

She lived in Italy till the age of 19, when she took up a journey that brought her to travel the world sharing her gifts mainly as yoga teacher/dancer/human rights defender/environmental activist.

She created Yogamare Retreats to elevate people consciousness and spiritual connection with Nature. She spends her time mainly between Bali, India and Europe where she runs retreats and workshops supporting evolution and celebration and inspiring individuals to step into their own power and live fully the life of their dreams.
Passionate about the Ocean, She also designed a specific Sattva Yoga workshop for freedivers, guiding them into a spiritual connection with the depths, taking their experience with the Ocean, as well as their performance, to the next level.

Through the holistic approach of Sattva Yoga, she will guide you into sacred practices (a wide range of kriyas, pranayamas, meditations, asanas and bodywork, etc) aiming at expanding and mastering your energy, deepen your connection to the divine within and without and ultimately become your own healer and live a life of fullness and abundance.

A passionate advocate of eco-sustainable solutions for a greener life, part of her dharma is spreading awareness and promoting a life of deeper connection and respect for Mother Nature.

Karen “Kitty” Stinson

Karen “Kitty” Stinson
is an International Flight Attendant for a major U.S. Airline. She was the featured employee in the May 2018 issue of the World’s Largest Airlines Inflight Magazine, and she described it as one of the greatest honors of her life.
Yoga has slowly transformed her body from the outside to the inside. In 2004, at the age of 45, she was introduced to yoga by her personal trainer in Dallas, Texas and started her physical practice with American Power Yoga and Bikram Yoga. She volunteered for 3 years at Omega Workshops, where she was able to meet and practice with world-renowned Yoga Teachers.
Adopted from Seoul, Korea as a four month old infant, she feels her life is a GIFT, and was given to her to live purposefully and to serve others.
After finding Terri Cooper in 2008, she finally made the commitment in 2014, and completed the 200 Hour Teacher Training with 305 Yoga.
She has studied with and taught Kids Yoga alongside, International YogaMusic Founder and Creator, Cynthia Zak.
Karen is the Yoga Teacher for the Airline Ambassadors and travels on Mission Trips around the world introducing yoga and mindfulness to Orphanages and teaching to the volunteers and staff.
In 2016 she completed a 300 Hour Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India, the birth place of yoga, and a Master Level Training the same year, both with Visionary Master Teacher, Anand Mehrotra, Founder of Sattva Yoga Academy.
Karen is passionate about sharing this transformational yoga practice with all ages and enthusiastically teaches from an abundant heart of gratitude.
She has been a seva volunteer at the Sattva Summit for the last two years and is so proud to be joining the 2019 Teaching Team this year, leading Kids Yoga.
*Forty-five minute classes are playful with fun activities, music, and games, that teach connection, through mindfulness, movement, and breath.
**Parents are welcome to attend with their children.

Denis Dochioiu

Denis Dochioiu is the founder of Life Yoga Center, a master trainer Sattva Yoga teacher and meditation initiator.
She was born in Romania, where she studied management and law, working in a corporation until a few years ago, when she decided to quit her job and travel to India, seeking for the real purpose of life, where she dived deep into the ancient sacred teachings at Sattva Yoga Academy.
Now she spends her time between India at Sattva Yoga Academy, Europe and Bali, where she guides teacher trainings and organise yoga workshops and retreats, creating supportive enviroments for growth and transformation, sharing the life changing teachings of yoga.
She writes inspirational articles for Shape Magazine, a wellbeing magazine, and her dharma is to encourage, support and uplift the genuine seekers of transformation, living an abundand and joyful life.