Claire Zovko

By chance, Claire attended a Bikram yoga class in 2003. As a former collegiate basketball player, she instantly fell in love with the novel challenge of yoga. Through yoga, she quickly felt an authentic balance of flexibility and strength in her body which noticeably improved her other athletic pursuits. This inspired her to deepen her yoga practice after she completed law school. In 2010, Claire became a Registered Yoga Teacher. She began teaching community yoga classes in parks throughout Miami-Dade County to share the peace, freedom and joy she was experiencing through the yoga practice.

Claire is a lifelong student and always seeks to learn. This thirst to learn has led her to complete supplementary trainings over the past nine years. To gain exposure to additional yoga lineages such as Iyengar, Anusara, Ashtanga, Kundalini, and Skanda she took an additional 200-Hour Raja Yoga Teacher Training at 305 Yoga & Outreach to. Further, Claire became certified in Yin Yoga and Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra with Jennifer Reiss. These subtler practices revealed the power to transform, heal and rejuvenate her body at the deepest levels of being which shifted and brought wholeness to her yoga practice.

Over the past three years, Claire has traveled to Rishikesh, India multiple times to study with master teacher Anand Mehrotra and Sattva Yoga. She completed her 300-Hour Sattva Yoga Teacher Training, Sattva Master Training, Warriors of Wisdom, and the Journey to the Highest Passon a motorcycle through the Himalayas. Sattva Yoga has brought her practice full circle and taught her the transformational power of moving subtle energy and transcendence.

Yoga has shown Claire the beautiful union of power and grace in all areas of her life. This continually inspires her to guide classes that incorporate a blend of stimulating postures and deep relaxation. Claire seeks to share this balance of the body, mind, and spirit and inspire others to be deeply grateful and present for every single moment on this incredible journey of life. Claire owns Lighthouse Yoga & Wellness in Miami Lakes, Florida.

Yashoda Devi Ma

Yashoda Devi Ma is the founder of Cosmic Women’s Tribe and a Vedic Meditation Expert. She travels the world passionately teaching people a highly effective stress relieving technique known as Vedic Meditation. She absolutely loves showing students how to integrate daily meditation into modern life. Her life passion lies in facilitating healing transformation from the mind which then leads to body, expansion of consciousness, teaching transcendence of thought, opening the heart and providing technique’s for people to become a Master of their mind.
She has studied yoga and meditation in the foothills of the Indian Himalayas for the past decade. She trains and studies under preeminent Vedic Master-teachers Anand Mehrotra (founder of Sattva Yoga) who was born and raised in Rishikesh, India – the birthplace of yoga and Thom Knoles ‘Maharishi Vyasananda’ (Vedic Meditation/Nishkam Karma Yoga) who is a world renowned Vedic Master of 45 years who studied under Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.




Somah was an International Professional Figure Skater, (Tracy Shulman) competing and performing around the world. She then coached for 20+ years. Working with mind/body was always a passion. After stepping into a yoga class and feeling the benefits of the mental focus, she then hired different yoga teachers to work with her elite skaters as she continued to notice the benefits of Yoga in her own body. As her perspective of what was important in life began to shift, she left the skating world in 2007 and dove deeply into her yoga awareness by cultivating an intentional practice.

In 2011 she met Anand Mehrotra and went to Rishikesh, India for a month. She was given the rare opportunity to study privately, one on one with him for her first 200hr certification.

Continuing her yogic education in the years to come by expanding into Ayurvedic medicine. “The Science of Life”. This path took her deep into the Himalayans months at a time, learning about rare herbs and visiting essential oil distilleries. Being present in the Living of Yoga awoke a wise teacher that had long been asleep.

Continuing her studies with Anand, riding on a Motorcycle journey with him and further travels through out the world as an importer of Organic & Wildcrafted Essential oils is how she began Savitur Botanicals. She supports only high conscious small family farms where farming is an ecological belief, not an economical choice. I am a certified Yoga Alliance teacher: E-200 RYT/ 500 RYT and a Master Aromatherapist. Somah is also in the first group of teachers to be certified through Sattva as “Master Sattva Teachers”.

Currently, living in Castle Rock, Colorado, she is the creator and founder of AffirmativeYoga! and Savitur botanicals. Visit her website for more info and a current teaching schedule: or to access ordering or information on the wisdom of high quality Essential oils visit



Tracey Ohara

Tracey is passionate about living life and also passionate about Loving Life Yoga! She truly believes in her heart that we all have all been given the gift of life so we can live it with gratitude and joy. But too truly live a joyful life, it often requires facing and walking through some “tough stuff” to transcend and evolve on one’s journey. Tracey has personally experienced a time where she felt life was not worth living. Through the grace of God, she had a Satori experience (awakened into radical consciousness) and discovered Kundalini Yoga which further helped me shift into a life with an abundance of joy and happiness. Now she is thriving with abundance, prosperity; creativity, vibrancy and a life filled with self-love thus love for others. Do too the intelligent practice.

Tracey was able to recover from a destructive addiction to alcohol, and eating disorder caused by Post Traumatic Stress Disorders among other traumas, by practicing the ancient technology of Kundalini Yoga and Sattva yoga, she has been able to truly, deeply heal herself.

Tracey was told by a few worldly teachers that her path was divinely guided to teach others to recover their lives.

Since the beginning of her recovery she knew that she was destined to serve. She knew that she was meant to live out the remainder of her life helping others recover from their emotional and physical dis-eases. Tracey assist’s others to re-align their life, by using the techniques that she has taught hersef and acquired through trainings. These include; Kriya Yoga, Mantra, Meditation and Breath work. Tracey has taught thousands of classes in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and now in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Tracey’s Kundalini and Sattva training’s began in Rishikesh, India. During the past decade she has continued training with Masters from around the world. She is certified in Hatha Yoga, Sattva Yoga 500 hours, Kundalini yoga 500 hours, Strategic Intervention Life Coaching and Yoga for Addictions.

In her yoga teachings she blends her yoga expertise with Life Coaching and philosophy, added to those disciplines her own personal experiences as well as those of others.

Tracey respects the limitations imposed by her student’s ages as well as their physical and medical condition. She has worked with children, teenagers and adults well into their nineties. Whether you can work on a mat or require a chair, Tracey can uplift your spirit, health and passion for life.



Rachel Hunter

International Supermodel Rachel is the host of “Rachel Hunters Tour of Beauty”which is now in its Second Season on a global odyssey, meeting remarkable people from around the world.

She ventured into 23 different countries including China, India, Dubai, Fiji, and Greece, Peru, Brazil, Argentina , USA, Jamaica , Australia, France Morocco where she immersed herself into the various cultures, learning ,experiencing superfoods,wellbeing ,gurus as well as cutting edge and ancient ways to inform, understand and embrace beauty, wellness and longevity.
The series, “Rachel’s Tour of Beauty”, has been sold to over 100 countries.

Her love for Spiritually started young from her mother.

Seeking many different & diverse spiritual practices her whole life. As did her mother. Her practice of yoga started 14 years ago.
May 2017 her Mother past, which activated her seeking immensely again in honor of her mother. Where it lead her to India on another seeking pilgrimage November 2017 where she landed in Rishkesh in the foothills of the Himalayan mountains studying with Anand Mehrotra at Sattva Yoga . Steeped in Vedic & Tantric knowledge. Within six months finishing her 500hrs. Forever on the path and continuing the love of the knowledge.
Returning to her homeland New Zealand for a few months in February & March 2018 sharing her journey of India. Called “Beauty of Soul” doing talks in 15 cities reaching over 2500 people. Her work continues with Retreats & Workshops. On the Path of yoga.

Raised in Auckland, New Zealand, Rachel was discovered at the age of seventeen and embarked on a successful career as an international model with Ford Models NYC. Rachel graced the covers of many magazines including Italian Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, and the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and appeared in many global advertising campaigns for various international brands including Covergirl and Revlon. Rachel transitioned from modeling to acting and presenting, appearing in many films and on various unscripted television shows. Most recently, Rachel starred in a television movie “Her Infidelity” for the Lifetime Network and hosted two very successful seasons of “New Zealand’s Got Talent”.

She resides in Los Angeles. Devoted Mother to her children Renee & Liam .



Maya Fiennes

Maya is a mother, musician, composer, yogi, and author of “Yoga for Real Life.” Her approach to yoga is about using the tools that yoga offers in day-to-day life.

“Everything in life we have to experience fully. We create our lives, we paint our canvas, we write our scenario, we direct it, and we act in it. This process has a beginning, middle and end. That’s what you get each time you come to my class.”

Maya’s digital presence is growing exponentially as she travels the world facilitating retreats, live performances, and teacher trainings. She is the creator of KundaDance, which integrates her talents as yogi, dancer, musician and knowledge of Tai Chi and Qi Gong. Wherever she goes she inspires, uplifts, ignites, energizes and empowers! Her profound light transforms all in her wake and to meet her is to love her. She loves life, loves to serve, loves to dance, and loves to heal. Maya Fiennes is a pioneer of new ways of feeling, thinking and sharing, and she wants to help you create the life that you want!

In the words of the great Deepak Chopra…

“To be in her presence, and feel her spirit, her energy, and her teaching is an extraordinary experience.”




Nataraj has been an adrenaline junkie since the day he was born. Whether it was riding his big wheel down any hill he could find as a kid, playing soccer, snowboarding, dancing to house music, mountain biking, rock climbing, running or competing in triathlons, physical movement has always been a way for him to quiet the mind and tap into his inner Self.

After his second back surgery from snowboarding, he found his way to yoga as a way to try and prevent back injuries from occurring in the future. Initially, Nataraj’s interest in yoga was purely as a means to become more flexible and increase core strength. After a life-changing awakening experience in the fall of 2012, something in his heart told him there was more to yoga he needed to learn.

In January 2013 he enrolled in his first 200 Hour teacher training. A few months later he saw a screening of The Highest Pass at a film festival in Washington DC. The yoga teacher from India featured in the documentary, Anand Mehrotra, spoke after the screening. Anand’s words and fierce presence resonated with Daniel on a very deep and personal level.

In April 2014 Nataraj attended Sattva Yoga’s Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India, led by Anand earning Daniel his RYT 500. Since then he has been back to India several times to continue deepening his practice under the guidance of Anand. He also completed Baptiste Yoga’s Level One Training in February 2015.

“The Sattva practice resonates so deeply because I feel like I’ve been doing it my whole life. As a teacher, I love teaching this practice because it gives me the freedom to experiment and I get to incorporate two of the things I love most in life: music and physical movement. My goal as a teacher is to provide space for all of us to return to our youthful, childhood innocence – loving unconditionally and having fun.”



Bhavini Kalan

Bhavini is an international wellness consultant and lifestyle strategist. She teaches an ashtanga vinyasa style called I-Flow (allowing people to connect with their innate yogi intelligence)! She has trained in Sivananda, Ashtanga Vinyasa, and 3hO Kundalini yoga lineages, and has a foundation in Ayurveda lifestyle studies. Her teachings integrate the ancient wisdom of Yoga & Ayurveda to the needs and challenges of the current times and lifestyles. Her flow classes have a focus on Ayurveda Doshic Intelligence for individual needs. She is a wellness coach & strategist, working with leading destination spas, wellness centers and resorts around the world – helping them achieve a unique edge as signature places around the world as spaces of holistic healing. With her academic training as a Cornell business/law graduate, she does corporate wellness workshops, retreats, and individual programs, helping people find balance within and in their workplace with a focus on tuning into their authentic self! She teaches at unique yoga and wellness retreats in Asia (India, Vietnam, Bhutan) as well as Africa yoga safaris (South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania) in the most beautiful, eco-chic and soul-stirring places. Bhavini does workshops and teaches at conferences in Europe, USA, Middle East, Africa & Asia. She has special interest in Mind and Brain Wellness, and works with integrative medical practitioners on yoga and meditation research in this field. She has a passion in helping people tap into their magnificence and finding their ‘mojo’.



Caleb Packham

In his own words, Caleb’s purpose in life is, ‘to inspire and guide people towards living a happy, healthy and prosperous life’.

With bags of life experience to inform him in his mission, this modern-day renaissance man is a former actor, VJ, philanthropist, activist and writer. He began his acting career in Australia, where he worked in theatre and TV, becoming a high-profile presenter for MTV Australia. He has been based in the UK since 2005.

Like many who find yoga, Caleb discovered the ancient practice following an injury, in 2014. It took just one class with Leila Sadeghee for him to know that yoga was to become a whole lot more than simply rehab for his foot. Following his recovery, he travelled to India to train as a Sattva Yoga Master, qualifying under world-renowned Yoga Master, Anand Mehrotra, at the Sattva Academy in Rishikesh.

Sattva (pronounced Satt*wa) is more than just a physical practice; it is a union of many different yogic paths. Asana, pranayama, kriya, meditation, mantra and free movement unite to create a transcendental experience known as a Sattva Yoga Journey.

Caleb now makes it his mission, as a yogi, to uplift people – and not just stereotypical yoga class attendees. Committed to making yoga more accessible to those who wouldn’t normally feel comfortable stepping into a yoga studio, he chooses to teach in unconventional spaces. You can find him sharing his practice across London, in venues like churches and warehouses – even pubs.

Successfully leading the charge in the men’s yoga revolution, Caleb is flipping the traditional female-heavy ratios to see men outnumber women in many of his classes. He is passionate about making yoga more accessible and appealing to men. It helps that a class with Caleb is far from run of the mill, with his yoga events set to live music proving hugely popular. His acclaim as a teacher has also taken him overseas. In 2018, he joined the international teacher line-up at the Namaste Festival in Jakarta.

Caleb is a committed philanthropist and activist, with his yogic way of being extending far beyond the mat. While travelling in India in 2016, he met a family who inspired him to set up the Academy of Hope. The charity works to fund education and support self-sufficiency in impoverished communities.

Besides yoga, Caleb has been busy working on a feature-length screenplay, which is now complete and making its way onto the desks of producers.

Keep up to date with Caleb at



Corrin Vecchitto

Corrin is a master trained Sattva Yoga teacher, a humanitarian, and a skilled pediatric nurse. She lives a life of service, offering her heart to heal and awaken all beings. Corrin discovered yoga as a way to heal her mind and body. Once yoga became a part of her life, she completely merged with the practice and began living yoga. She has healed herself and many others by practicing and teaching the whole of yoga and incorporating this in her role as a pediatric bedside nurse.

She studies and teaches the Vedantic and Tantric Tradition of Sattva Yoga in India with Anand Mehrotra, world-renowned Master and founder of Sattva Yoga. Now living in Rishikesh, India she has devoted herself to evolution and the teachings within the Sattva Yoga community. She has realized her dharma, and lives to spread these teachings to all who seek, and in whatever form the teachings may present themselves.

Corrin’s yoga classes promote expansion, healing, transcendence, and guide practitioners to come closer to the truth of who they are. She is a warrior of wisdom, light and joy! Corrin lives to grow, testing her limits and fears, finding the laughter in it all, smiling endlessly as she explores the depths of the world and all the magic that this life has to offer. This approach to life radiates through her yoga classes, sacred living workshops, and her teachings at the Sattva Yoga Academy teacher trainings, as she emanates both a playful spirit and deep reverence for the teachings.

Currently, she is creating many new outlets to share the timeless wisdom she has gained in India around the globe, and also has a non-profit organization, I Am Beyond I, working with change-makers from around the world, in Ethiopia, Tanzania, Nepal, and the United States, guiding in mindful ways to serve those in need.