Betty Travieso

Betty Travieso is a 500 hrs. SATTVA YOGA teacher. She discovered yoga 11 years ago when a clear voice coming from deep inside said: “try YOGA”. She had no idea what yoga was about, but once she started, her approach to life shifted completely. After a big awakening in the first year through an integral practise of yoga, she had unsuccessfully been trying to find a teacher and/or a yoga style that could bring her into the whole potential of yoga. One single Sattva Yoga Journey with Master Teacher Anand Mehrotra in 2017 finally gave her the experience and certainty of finding that what she had been looking for.

Apart from SATTVA YOGA she has been trained in Hatha Yoga (600 hrs. – Iyengar), Yin Yoga and Therapeutic Yoga. Despite her previous certifications she never felt the call to teach; however after finishing her first SATTVA YOGA TT in May 2017 a deep call to share and expand this transformational practise and teachings became very strong. Since then she combines her job in her family business in the Canary Islands where she is from, with leading Sattva Yoga Journeys, workshops and retreats in Spain.

She keeps travelling to Rishikesh every year to continue studying at Sattva Yoga Academy with her Master Anand Mehrotra. There she has also completed Sattva Master Modules for “Advanced Sattva Meditation” and “Iniciation to Dasha Mahavidyas, the 10 goddesses of Tantra”.

She lives in Dharma, flowing with every moment with a deep sense of joy and gratitude, radiating the light of yoga wherever she is and sharing its wisdom wherever is needed. Her loving kindness and never ending smile combined with her devotion to the Sattva teachings and the call to serve for the individual and collective awakening are clearly manifested into her vibrant clases filled with love and passion, always encouraging students to commit fully and to go all the way.

She is fully devoted and committed to the Yogic path under the guidance of her inner guru and her Master Anandji, being also inspired by other conscious beings that she is meeting along the Path.

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