Elena Rose Davis

Elena Rose Davis is a holistic healing artist and Master Sattva Yoga Teacher. Elena began her career in the healing arts in 2005 when at the age of 18 she went to school to become a Massage Therapist. Elena’s background is in the arts, and she originally thought that Massage Therapy would be a nice job to do while pursuing her other aspirations. Little did she know that her career as a bodyworker would lead her to becoming a successful wellness entrepreneur and that her creativity would be channeled into fostering a wellness sanctuary. In 2009 Elena opened Peace of Mind Sacred Wellness in Denver, Colorado. At the time it was called Peace of Mind Massage as the focus of the business was providing bodywork. As the business grew, Elena was led to retire from massaging herself after 8 years providing hands on therapy. She retired to focus on taking care of her ever growing team and evolving business and to also dedicate time and energy to self healing and expanding her spiritual life. In 2017 Elena visited India for the first time which is where she met Himalayan Yogic Master Anand Mehrotra who is responsible for creating Sattva Yoga Academy. Elena found a fountain of wisdom through him and these teachings. These practices of sacred rituals and yogic techniques helped Elena grow immensely. This contributed to her being a better leader in her community and helped her commit to sobriety after years of secret struggles with addiction. She has now dedicated herself to stepping fully into her power as a teacher and healer. Elena spends half of the year traveling and teaching retreats, and when in her home base of Denver she shares and spreads her light with workshops, special events, and private sessions. Her mission is to heal herself and facilitate healing for others, to fully love and embrace who she is and encourage and empower others to do the same for themselves. Elena feels the biggest gift a teacher can give is the tools to set up a devoted self practice(sadhana) which is why in addition to teaching live workshops, retreats, and in person one on ones her focus has turned to creating online course content to provide people all over the world with what they need to set up a strong home practice. Elena’s slogan when she was a Massage Therapist was “Helping people is my passion, Massage Therapy is my calling”. Not much has changed except for instead of working with people mostly on the physical level of healing, Elena has advanced to working with people on the deepest levels they’re open to journeying to, and her heart is filled with gratitude to get to be a part of that journey. 

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