Alice Santigli

Alice is a Sattva yoga and meditation master teacher, also trained in Vedic astrology and prenatal yoga.
She’s devoted to living a life of service, sharing the ancient teachings of yoga that she has received from her master Anand Mehrotra throughout several years of intensive study and practice right at the foothills of the Himalayas.

Her deep calling is to be an agent of love and guidance for all those who are ripe for change, all those beings who are willing to remember how to live in intimacy with reality.

Her journey of self-discovery and her zest for life has led her to go deep into exploring the landscape of the body through movement and embodiment; to deepen her studies on the feminine body and how to facilitate spaces of healing, of ceremony & rites of passage for women.

She facilitates laboratories of experience such as retreats and workshops across Italy, weekly classes and one on one sessions that aim to remove physiological stress, awaken one’s deep inner knowing, go beyond the mind.
She’s dedicated to facilitating spaces where one can remember true elegance, harmony, beauty, abundance and a full value living.

In her work she includes subtle body practices, hatha and body work, mantra, vedic astrology, initiation practices, holistic mentoring, ceremony and ritual.

She deeply believes that to face the challenges of our time and to birth a new consciousness, we need more empowered, gentle, attuned and creative human beings that are ready to navigate how to be radically alive in the current paradigm; integrated beings that acknowledge that what we are seeking are not fast solutions but ways to return to a togetherness that honors our diversity and remembers our profound interwoveness with all of creation; humans that can return to the ancient wisdom of the heart and of the soul.

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