Anand Mehrotra

Anand Mehrotra is a world renowned visionary master, evolutionary thought leader, and entrepreneurial and social change trailblazer. He is the founder and master teacher of Sattva Yoga and Sattva Yoga Academy.
Born and raised in Rishikesh, India – the birthplace of yoga; Anand combines the ancient wisdom of his upbringing with a proactive approach to support the transcendence of the individual and the collective.
Anand teaches around the world giving wisdom talks, offering satsangs and meditations, providing Vedic astrology readings, leading Sattva Yoga classes and trainings , and guiding students through profound transformations in wisdom immersions, retreats, and trainings.Anand teaches at yoga events, conferences, and festivals around the world. He is the “teacher’s teacher” with students studying with him from all walks of life including Hollywood celebrities, business leaders, yoga teachers, writers, doctors , lawyers, meditations teachers, designers, students etc .
Anand is featured in the award-winning documentary The Highest Pass based on his teachings and Awake : The life of Yogananda . He has been featured in many international publications including Yogi Times, the Origin Magazine, Elephant Journal, LA times and Mantra Magazine.
He is a featured teacher in international yoga festivals as International Yoga Festival (Rishikesh , India), Hanuman festival (Boulder, Colorado USA), Wanderlust Yoga Festivals (USA), Nantuchket Yoga Festival (USA), Milan Yoga Festival (Milano, Italy), Kawaipurapura Yoga Festival (Auckland, Newzealand), Buddha Fest (Washington DC, USA) among others.
Anand is the founder of Sattva Retreat Centre and The Sattva Summit. He is also the head and founder of two non-profits namely Khushi Charitable Society (helping children ) and Sattva Yoga Foundation(serving the homeless).

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Rachel Hunter

International Supermodel Rachel is the host of “Rachel Hunters Tour of Beauty”which is now in its Second Season on a global odyssey, meeting remarkable people from around the world.

She ventured into 23 different countries including China, India, Dubai, Fiji, and Greece, Peru, Brazil, Argentina , USA, Jamaica , Australia, France Morocco where she immersed herself into the various cultures, learning ,experiencing superfoods,wellbeing ,gurus as well as cutting edge and ancient ways to inform, understand and embrace beauty, wellness and longevity.
The series, “Rachel’s Tour of Beauty”, has been sold to over 100 countries.

Her love for Spiritually started young from her mother.

Seeking many different & diverse spiritual practices her whole life. As did her mother. Her practice of yoga started 14 years ago.
May 2017 her Mother past, which activated her seeking immensely again in honor of her mother. Where it lead her to India on another seeking pilgrimage November 2017 where she landed in Rishkesh in the foothills of the Himalayan mountains studying with Anand Mehrotra at Sattva Yoga . Steeped in Vedic & Tantric knowledge. Within six months finishing her 500hrs. Forever on the path and continuing the love of the knowledge.
Returning to her homeland New Zealand for a few months in February & March 2018 sharing her journey of India. Called “Beauty of Soul” doing talks in 15 cities reaching over 2500 people. Her work continues with Retreats & Workshops. On the Path of yoga.

Raised in Auckland, New Zealand, Rachel was discovered at the age of seventeen and embarked on a successful career as an international model with Ford Models NYC. Rachel graced the covers of many magazines including Italian Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, and the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and appeared in many global advertising campaigns for various international brands including Covergirl and Revlon. Rachel transitioned from modeling to acting and presenting, appearing in many films and on various unscripted television shows. Most recently, Rachel starred in a television movie “Her Infidelity” for the Lifetime Network and hosted two very successful seasons of “New Zealand’s Got Talent”.

She resides in Los Angeles. Devoted Mother to her children Renee & Liam .

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Sadhvi Bhagawati Saraswati

Sadhvi Bhagawati Saraswati, PhD was raised in a traditional American family. After graduating from Stanford University, while completing her PhD in psychology, she journeyed to India on what she thought would only be a short visit. A deep spiritual experience transformed her life and she has been living in Rishikesh, India at Parmarth Niketan for over twenty years.

She was initiated into the order of sanyas by her Guru, Pujya Swami Chidanand Saraswatiji, the President of Parmarth Niketan, in 2000, marking her pledge to a life of service, renunciation, purity and deovtion.

She is the President of Divine Shakti Foundation, a charitable organization that provides free education, training and empowerment to impoverished women and girls. Sadhviji gives discourses and question-answer sessions, teaches meditation, and oversees a vast array of humanitarian programs being run at the ashram. She also speaks to audiences across the world on spirituality and Indian culture.

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Gurmukh KaurKhalsa

Gurmukh, 72, is the Director of Golden Bridge Yoga. With centers in Santa Monica and New York City, Golden Bridge is the premier center for the study and practice of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation as taught by Yogi Bhajan. Since being baptized 45 years ago with the spiritual name that means “one who helps people across the world ocean,” Gurmukh has dedicated her life to fulfilling her namesake.

As the world’s leading Kundalini Yoga teacher, she and her husband Gurushabd travel worldwide, bringing this vast Technology and Teachers’ Training Programs to students globally in the U.S.A., Mexico, Europe, Russia, India, and South Africa. She is as well the creator and pioneer of The Khalsa Way Prenatal Teachers’ Training Immersion, now in its 32nd year. Her daughter Wahe Guru Kaur, 31, works alongside her parents in fulfilling this Mission.

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Caleb Packham

In his own words, Caleb’s purpose in life is, ‘to inspire and guide people towards living a happy, healthy and prosperous life’.

With bags of life experience to inform him in his mission, this modern-day renaissance man is a former actor, VJ, philanthropist, activist and writer. He began his acting career in Australia, where he worked in theatre and TV, becoming a high-profile presenter for MTV Australia. He has been based in the UK since 2005.

Like many who find yoga, Caleb discovered the ancient practice following an injury, in 2014. It took just one class with Leila Sadeghee for him to know that yoga was to become a whole lot more than simply rehab for his foot. Following his recovery, he travelled to India to train as a Sattva Yoga Master, qualifying under world-renowned Yoga Master, Anand Mehrotra, at the Sattva Academy in Rishikesh.

Sattva (pronounced Satt*wa) is more than just a physical practice; it is a union of many different yogic paths. Asana, pranayama, kriya, meditation, mantra and free movement unite to create a transcendental experience known as a Sattva Yoga Journey.

Caleb now makes it his mission, as a yogi, to uplift people – and not just stereotypical yoga class attendees. Committed to making yoga more accessible to those who wouldn’t normally feel comfortable stepping into a yoga studio, he chooses to teach in unconventional spaces. You can find him sharing his practice across London, in venues like churches and warehouses – even pubs.

Successfully leading the charge in the men’s yoga revolution, Caleb is flipping the traditional female-heavy ratios to see men outnumber women in many of his classes. He is passionate about making yoga more accessible and appealing to men. It helps that a class with Caleb is far from run of the mill, with his yoga events set to live music proving hugely popular. His acclaim as a teacher has also taken him overseas. In 2018, he joined the international teacher line-up at the Namaste Festival in Jakarta.

Caleb is a committed philanthropist and activist, with his yogic way of being extending far beyond the mat. While travelling in India in 2016, he met a family who inspired him to set up the Academy of Hope. The charity works to fund education and support self-sufficiency in impoverished communities.

Besides yoga, Caleb has been busy working on a feature-length screenplay, which is now complete and making its way onto the desks of producers.

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