Corrin Vecchitto

Corrin is a master trained Sattva Yoga teacher, a humanitarian, and a skilled pediatric nurse. She lives a life of service, offering her heart to heal and awaken all beings. Corrin discovered yoga as a way to heal her mind and body. Once yoga became a part of her life, she completely merged with the practice and began living yoga. She has healed herself and many others by practicing and teaching the whole of yoga and incorporating this in her role as a pediatric bedside nurse.

She studies and teaches the Vedantic and Tantric Tradition of Sattva Yoga in India with Anand Mehrotra, world-renowned Master and founder of Sattva Yoga. Now living in Rishikesh, India she has devoted herself to evolution and the teachings within the Sattva Yoga community. She has realized her dharma, and lives to spread these teachings to all who seek, and in whatever form the teachings may present themselves.

Corrin’s yoga classes promote expansion, healing, transcendence, and guide practitioners to come closer to the truth of who they are. She is a warrior of wisdom, light and joy! Corrin lives to grow, testing her limits and fears, finding the laughter in it all, smiling endlessly as she explores the depths of the world and all the magic that this life has to offer. This approach to life radiates through her yoga classes, sacred living workshops, and her teachings at the Sattva Yoga Academy teacher trainings, as she emanates both a playful spirit and deep reverence for the teachings.

Currently, she is creating many new outlets to share the timeless wisdom she has gained in India around the globe, and also has a non-profit organization, I Am Beyond I, working with change-makers from around the world, in Ethiopia, Tanzania, Nepal, and the United States, guiding in mindful ways to serve those in need.

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