Francesca Salerno

Natural born Italian, survives away from pasta and “dolce vita” long enough to be reborn to a new life and walk in her Dharma in the sacred land of Himalayas.

In profound and sincere service to the Sangha of Sattva Yoga Academy from short linear time, but devoted eternally to the teachings that lead towards living and expressing the Truth of existence and Self-Realization that she had recognized expressed through the inspiring and visionary work of master Anand Mehrotra.

Lifelong student of the Love that moves and surrounds all, world traveller, co-creator of ways of living to inspire others to step into freedom; she is at the Sattva Summit to share her skills as a yogini, psychologist and mindfulness trainer, and moreover… as a Human Being. She will lead classes and activities during the Summit.

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Yogic Living Workshops