Ela Mare

Ela Mare is a warrior mermaid, and a travelling yogini, she grew up by, above and in the sea.

She lived in Italy till the age of 19, when she took up a journey that brought her to travel the world sharing her gifts mainly as yoga teacher/dancer/human rights defender/environmental activist.

She created Yogamare Retreats to elevate people consciousness and spiritual connection with Nature. She spends her time mainly between Bali, India and Europe where she runs retreats and workshops supporting evolution and celebration and inspiring individuals to step into their own power and live fully the life of their dreams.
Passionate about the Ocean, She also designed a specific Sattva Yoga workshop for freedivers, guiding them into a spiritual connection with the depths, taking their experience with the Ocean, as well as their performance, to the next level.

Through the holistic approach of Sattva Yoga, she will guide you into sacred practices (a wide range of kriyas, pranayamas, meditations, asanas and bodywork, etc) aiming at expanding and mastering your energy, deepen your connection to the divine within and without and ultimately become your own healer and live a life of fullness and abundance.

A passionate advocate of eco-sustainable solutions for a greener life, part of her dharma is spreading awareness and promoting a life of deeper connection and respect for Mother Nature.

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