Cathy Connors

Cathy loves yoga and has dedicated her life to sharing this powerful practice with others.  She started her career as a psychologist and began her spiritual journey in her early 20’s.  But it wasn’t until 2009 that she started teaching yoga and the practice “took over her life”.  In 2014 she traveled to India for the first time and met Master teacher Anand Mehtrora – the moment she locked eyes with him, tears fell and she knew her life was forever changed.

Since that first trip she has learned to let go, surrender, trust, love, soften, play and open to all this beautiful life has to offer.

Cathy is a dedicated practitioner and that is where her teaching begins. She loves combining the freedom of a vinyasa practice with the power and grace of the Sattva Journeys. When she teaches she never quite knows what will arise, but she trusts in the beauty of the moment knowing it will be authentic, raw, connected, and full of grace.

She is so excited and honored to be a part of the Sattva Summit and is looking forward to sharing and connecting with all of you.

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