Caleb Packham

In his own words, Caleb’s purpose in life is, ‘to inspire and guide people towards living a happy, healthy and prosperous life’.

With bags of life experience to inform him in his mission, this modern-day renaissance man is a former actor, VJ, philanthropist, activist and writer. He began his acting career in Australia, where he worked in theatre and TV, becoming a high-profile presenter for MTV Australia. He has been based in the UK since 2005.

Like many who find yoga, Caleb discovered the ancient practice following an injury, in 2014. It took just one class with Leila Sadeghee for him to know that yoga was to become a whole lot more than simply rehab for his foot. Following his recovery, he travelled to India to train as a Sattva Yoga Master, qualifying under world-renowned Yoga Master, Anand Mehrotra, at the Sattva Academy in Rishikesh.

Sattva (pronounced Satt*wa) is more than just a physical practice; it is a union of many different yogic paths. Asana, pranayama, kriya, meditation, mantra and free movement unite to create a transcendental experience known as a Sattva Yoga Journey.

Caleb now makes it his mission, as a yogi, to uplift people – and not just stereotypical yoga class attendees. Committed to making yoga more accessible to those who wouldn’t normally feel comfortable stepping into a yoga studio, he chooses to teach in unconventional spaces. You can find him sharing his practice across London, in venues like churches and warehouses – even pubs.

Successfully leading the charge in the men’s yoga revolution, Caleb is flipping the traditional female-heavy ratios to see men outnumber women in many of his classes. He is passionate about making yoga more accessible and appealing to men. It helps that a class with Caleb is far from run of the mill, with his yoga events set to live music proving hugely popular. His acclaim as a teacher has also taken him overseas. In 2018, he joined the international teacher line-up at the Namaste Festival in Jakarta.

Caleb is a committed philanthropist and activist, with his yogic way of being extending far beyond the mat. While travelling in India in 2016, he met a family who inspired him to set up the Academy of Hope. The charity works to fund education and support self-sufficiency in impoverished communities.

Besides yoga, Caleb has been busy working on a feature-length screenplay, which is now complete and making its way onto the desks of producers.

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