Bhavini Kalan

Bhavini is an international wellness consultant and lifestyle strategist. She teaches an ashtanga vinyasa style called I-Flow (allowing people to connect with their innate yogi intelligence)! She has trained in Sivananda, Ashtanga Vinyasa, and 3hO Kundalini yoga lineages, and has a foundation in Ayurveda lifestyle studies. Her teachings integrate the ancient wisdom of Yoga & Ayurveda to the needs and challenges of the current times and lifestyles. Her flow classes have a focus on Ayurveda Doshic Intelligence for individual needs. She is a wellness coach & strategist, working with leading destination spas, wellness centers and resorts around the world – helping them achieve a unique edge as signature places around the world as spaces of holistic healing. With her academic training as a Cornell business/law graduate, she does corporate wellness workshops, retreats, and individual programs, helping people find balance within and in their workplace with a focus on tuning into their authentic self! She teaches at unique yoga and wellness retreats in Asia (India, Vietnam, Bhutan) as well as Africa yoga safaris (South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania) in the most beautiful, eco-chic and soul-stirring places. Bhavini does workshops and teaches at conferences in Europe, USA, Middle East, Africa & Asia. She has special interest in Mind and Brain Wellness, and works with integrative medical practitioners on yoga and meditation research in this field. She has a passion in helping people tap into their magnificence and finding their ‘mojo’.

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