Solana Prema Torres

Prema is a certified 500+ Hour Sattva Yoga Teacher. In addition, she recently completed the “Master Training” Program at Sattva Yoga Academy. Her passions include Meditation, Yoga, Photography, Travel, Boxing, Music and Dance. She is committed to a path of Love, Devotion and Unity Consciousness. It brings Prema great joy to uplift, empower and inspire others through the practice, state and experience of Yoga.

Prema has studied and practiced Sattva Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Pranayama,  Hatha, Vinyasa and Kundalini in Los Angeles and India.  She teaches Yoga and Meditation in Los Angeles, leads various workshops and Retreats and when in India, also teaches there on a regular basis. She leads 2-3 International Yoga Retreats per year and is passionate about spreading the LOVE.

Prema’s classes are focused on returning to your Authentic Self. Together, you will connect to the Divine Love and Light that is present within and without. You will shift your energy fully — not only on a Physical level, but also on an Energetic, Cellular and Molecular level. Open your heart to the Divine flow  and wisdom of who you authentically are and allow the great mystery to unfold. Classes are Expansive, Joyful, Powerful, Fun, Grounding and Alive.

All are welcome. Come prepared to Awaken to your highest potential! Om Namaha Shivaya.