Sattva Summit

As I mindfully walk and guide of the many retreat groups who come to experience the wonderful vibrations, cultivate expansive and evolutionary relationships, and travel deep within themselves. I am struck with a great sense of awe and filled with an immense feeling of abundance as we travel in silent reflection through one of the many trails that lead up the many foothills of the Himalayas which surround the stunningly beautiful grounds of the
Sattva Retreat Centre, that tower over any mountain range that I’ve ever seen back home that are the Great Appalachians. I express to the group and invite them to always be mindful of how beautiful this and each present moment was and what things in their individual paths lead them to that very moment. I very sincerely remind them that “Being” not only in the foothills of the mighty and sacred Himalayas is a gift in itself, and that the overall gift was just simply “Being”, and in that beautiful moment I instantly download from my consciousness and present state of awareness the extreme gratitude for the amount of growth and evolution that has been passed on to me and so masterfully taught to myself and all who have sought out some of the best yoga teacher training in the world, have and will find it here on the grounds of the Sattva Retreat Centre taught by my Master Teacher AnandMehrotra.

Sattva and Sangha

The word Sattva means truth, balance, wholeness. It is at the core of who we truly are. As individuals we strive to return to that space of wholeness. We become so immersed in the “busy”ness of our lives that we oftentimes loose contact who we are, as we are constantly moving and doing.

Disconnecting from the normal “routine” and taking a journey to a new place provides a great opportunity for evolution. Also, Offering the body the opportunity to slow down and harmonize with nature and return to “Sattva” or come to stillness is quite healing. In the stillness the inspiration flows.

Choosing India as a place to visit has been one that I hold immense gratitude for. It is here that I discover a deeper understanding of my truth. I first journeyed here in 2014 and now call it home. One of the things I enjoy most about spending my time in Rishikesh at Sattva is meeting yogis from all over the world. Having a Sangha, or “community” is so important when you are on this path. When we are together with one common intention to evolve it creates a powerful energy that can be life changing. Choosing to attend an event or gathering provides a great opportunity to connect with people you wouldn’t otherwise meet. As one of the teachers at The Sattva Summit, I look forward to sharing the teachings, tapping into joy and time together as a Sangha in this sacred land!

With love
Annemarie, Sattva Yoga Teacher

Why should I come to the Sattva Summit in India?

If you are asking yourself, why should I come to Rishikesh, India for the Sattva Summit, here is the reason. Sitting here on the banks of the sacred Ganga River, I feel her presence, her vibration, and her message.

Beings travel from all parts of India, and all parts of the world to dip into her sacred waters and experience the power of being in the true presence of Shiva’s dreadlocks, the Himalayas. The Sattva Centre is located amongst the lower Himalayas, and is an incredible vortex of healing energy. The land where the Sattva Summit is held is the most powerful place I have been. It is where I do my deepest inner work of transcendence, evolution, and divine meditation. This space has transformed so many lives in magnificent ways. The mantras, dancing, meditations, yoga practices, and transformations of many can be felt strongly on this land. You can see this in the life here.

The birds, butterflies, trees, flowers, water, and life are abundant. All nature is flourishing and filled with joy in the Centre. It is a dreamland where your magical dreams can come to fruition. India, in general, is one of those places that forces you to rise to your highest Self or you can be bothered by the little things. I think this is why I am so drawn to this place. I have to be in my truth at all times and shine my light the brightest or I can be a little bit bothered. This allows me to experience most of the play here with a smile and grace.

Finding humor in the beauty of humanity. By spending so much time here, I can deeply integrate this practice into my being, not to fall out of my truth or light at any moment when I am in India or leave. These are my blessings for this incredible magic filled land and community. Come experience Shiva, Shakti, and everything in-between.

In light,

something deeply moving

There is something deeply moving and special about coming together in conscious community to share, uplift, inspire, evolve and expand. From the moment you arrive at Sattva, you immediately drop into the sacredland and natures intelligence. It is wonderful to have this space where we can unplug from the demands of life and plug into the Divine wisdom.I always think of coming to Sattva as a fine tuning for the Soul. The Sattva Summit will be just that. A gathering of Souls from all around the World, coming together to rejoice in the celebration of life. As I continue to return home, again and again, year after year to Sattva, I am deeply humbled by the growth and transcendence that naturally arises. Such an amazing gift and blessing to have this space to return to where my Being blossoms and my Soul soars. I invite you to join us for this unique gathering where you can meet your authentic Self and drop into your dynamic stillness. Om Namaha Shivaya.

~ Prema ॐ ॐ ॐ